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If there is a magic island, it’s Cuba

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From Saturday 21 to Monday 30 October 2023

Christopher Columbus defined it:
"The goodliest land that eye ever saw, the sweetest thing in the world."

But do not dwell on this historic quote, come to discover your own Cuba, set your sails with us discovering the most precious treasure of the Carribean.

Meet a great cuban documentarist and photographer The purpose of this trip is visiting Cuba with the detailed eye of an artist.

Beyond the iconic places, you will have the opportunity to meet a great cuban documentary maker and photographer who had the privilege of accompanying Fidel for almost three centuries, saving a big witness about one of the greatest man not only of this country, but also of the Latin America and the world.

Mentioning his words "you can share or not his ideas, be his follower or opponent, be in his favour or against him, but you can not remain indifferent in front of his greatness".

Roberto Chile

Filmmaker & photographer

I’m glad that people like you come to visit us,looking for and bringing love. Once here, we will share knowledge, experiences, ideas and dreams. We will take a tour together in Havana to learn about and photograph its sea, sky, streets, houses and people.

I will open the doors not only of my home, but also of my heart.

Hasta pronto!

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I was born in Havana in 1954, I’m a telecomunication engineer but I chose audiovisual production and photography.

As a documentary director, cameran and photographer, I led a huge number of documentaries about Cuba's society and Culture, including Fidel Castro's government. My most famous documentaries are: Desafío; En las laderas del Himalaya; Sencillamente KORDA; Elogio de la virtud; Chávez y Fidel hasta siempre; Soy Tata Nganga; Esencias, La Colmenita en Estados Unidos; Sacha, un niño de Chernobyl and miniseries "Alas con Puntas"

As a director, producer, photographic director and cameraman, I joint various audiovisual productions with prestigious directors and important tv broadcast producers belonging to both public and private sector.

As a photographer, my greatest individual projects are: Afrodescendientes, Guabanacoa-Cuba; Fidel es Fidel, somos y done anida la poesìa. My photos were exposed in Cuba, United States, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, Gran Canaria, Mexico, Argentina and other more, published in books, magazines and advertising billboards in and out of Cuba.

Luca Galli

International photographer

I love Cuba and photography so much and I decided to merge my two great loves in order to drive other photographers through a special experience where we will reach the heart of an unique culture in the world and the marvelous colours of the beautiful land which hosts it.

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Professional photographer since 1999, I’m specialized in outdoor sports photography.

I have been the official photographer of international events like world’ sailing championship star class and of the International Polo Cup in Livigno, I have been working for years taking photos of the connection between sports, animals and nature.

My photos were pubblished on national and international magazines including Corriere della Sera, Quotidiano Nazionale, Elle and Vogue.

For years, outside of work, I have been developing my passion about street photography.

I have been visiting Cuba assiduously since 2007, I spent in the island at least 2 of the last 15 years and I deeply know a lot of aspects which are not “turistic”

I speak fluently English and Spanish languages.

I reached 1974 meters of Pico Turquino, the highest mountain in Cuba and I admired the coral reef from 25 metres of depth at Playa Santa Lucia.


We will start with a rewarding visit in Havana through its ancient and modern streets, characterized by cultural and religous values, which stayed intact over the years and the different historical periods. In fact, Ernest Hemingway said that the only ones that could beat it in terms of beauty were Venice and Paris.

We will go on with Vinales, where you will be enchanted by its incomparrable beauty. Thanks to the presence of the Mogotes, which only exist in few places in the world, they look like sentinels who protect the majesty of the valley. Beyond its natural power that emanates, you will have the opportunity to admire an outdoor museum and take photos of the best tobacco plantations in the world.

We will continue our trip towards the biggest swamp of the Carribean, protected in many ways, especially by its status of “Reserve of Unesco’s biosphere and site of ramsar”, where you will enjoy nature in its purest form,a true eden for naturalists and birdlife photo lovers.

We will then reach the third city founded by spanish monarchy in cuba: Trinidad. With its title of “world craft city” it’s one of the better preserved colonial cities of America, an urban and architectural jewel of the continent. Walking through its streets will make you feel like being in a city that seems to have stopped in time, in the XVI century, with its cobbled roads, where expert weavers and seamstresses offer their works hard to be refused.

On the outskirts of city, the valley of the ingenios, world heritage, located between sea and mountains, a true archeological monument of cuban sugar industry.

Cuba through the lens Tour

In this trip we will take you behind the scens of Cuba's tourist veil and expose you to the inner city culture which the authentic Cuba represents.

Day By Day: Cuba through the lens Travel program

2023 Tour Prices From saturday 23 to monday 30 of october

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Return flight, other expenses and tips

Suggested list of equipment

Camera equipment

Camera, lenses, batteries and charger.

The most common lenses for this type of photo tour are: zoom 24-70 mm, 24 mm , 28 mm, 35 mm , 50 mm, but we suggest to avifauna photography lovers to bring also a telephoto lens and a tripod or monopod for the sessions in Viñales and Cienaga de Zapata.

Memory cards, lens brush, cleaning cloth, extra camera battery, adapter for country destination.

Clothes and accessories

Sunglasses, sun protective hat, light trekking shoes, rain jacket and comfortable long pants.

Sun protection cream, mosquito repellent.

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